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EDR Medeso is one of the world's largest knowledge banks in industrial simulation. Here among aerodynamics, hydromatics. V-spoilers have invested large sums in the attached report, and simulations that document the impact of using V-spoilers in the transport industry in the finest and most modern methods.

Not only does the V-spoiler send a signal to the world that the person driving here thinks about the environment, but gives the one who invests in the V-spoiler a great return of benefit, via saved diesel. We're talking about a lot of money. Add to this better stability in turbulent weather, cleaner rear end of the vehicle just with the V-spoiler. Test your financial and CO2 savings by mounting V-spoiler. Click here.

V-spoiler is a Danish product, conceived and emanated from Danish studies. Made of 50% recycled plastic and fitted with 3M special tape developed just for V-spoiler.