V-spoiler, has its name from the V-shaped look, which originated from experiments with a so called Vortex generator, in everyday life called VG. VG`s are known with Siemens, Vestas, NASA, Formula 1 designers. As the listing says, a VG is nothing new, but a device that helps control wind, and fights vacuum in the best possible way, avoids resistance and backlog.

The effect of the flow of the wind, and the drag is important factors that help determine your fuel consumption and best flow at a given speed. Not only does the V-spoiler reduce your fuel consumption and your CO2 emissions. In addition, you get the opportunity to order with reflectors that provide unique security when backing out from a dark exit. You get a cleaner rear back of the trailer/truck/Van as dirt, road salt, dust, sand, snow and ice are is guided far behind your vehicle, upon your taillights do not get dirty. This saves you washing, which equals less use of water, which is also good for the environment.

When driving in a lot of snow / ice (Alaska/Norway), taillights is being covered as you use LED lights today, which is a cold light. Previously, bulbs were used that could keep lamps ice-free with low heat. When you use V-spoiler, ice creams, road salt, snow further backwards, giving you more security.

By installing the V-spoiler on the truck / trailer with cooling machines, you can save a lot of money on service as the wind containing sand, gravel, salt, ice, snow goes past the gap between the truck and the trailer. When mounted at the top of the roof spoiler, you direct the windflow to pass by the "well" where the cooling machine is located, and is exposed to dirt.

When traveling with trailers / trucks / vans / buses, the V-spoiler is the only solution that help you fight drag and in addition shows your customers that just you, are taking care of the environment.

Would`ent you choose a carrier if there is a green thinker beside other companies?


Turbulence is clearly seen in the top image, with the bottom showing the vortex flowing distant drag.

V-spoiler ani.gif